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Business Sector

Participate in FREE work-oriented language training for newcomers

Occupation-specific Language Training for Business

Blended Courses

Blended courses integrate virtual or in-person classes with online activities. Virtual courses can be taken from anywhere in Ontario. Courses are 140 or 180 hours usually delivered over 10–18 weeks, depending on the course. See the list of all blended courses.

Choose from these practical courses to help you improve your workplace language skills for a variety of business settings:

Online Modules

Online modules provide a flexible and convenient way to receive language training. All modules are offered exclusively online and can be taken from anywhere in Ontario. Each module is 40 hours delivered over six weeks, with three modules available in the business sector:

Note that these three online modules are equivalent to a blended OSLT Workplace Communication Skills for Business course.

OSLT online also offers a 40-hour course (8 or 10 weeks) in how to write professionally in the business sector in Ontario. This course is intended for participants who have successfully completed the relevant OSLT Business course(s) or module(s).

All online modules and courses require access to a computer with video and audio capabilities as well as an internet connection. See the list of all online modules.

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