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Workplace Communication Skills for Working with Children and Youth

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Workplace Communication Skills for Working with Children and Youth

This course is delivered in a blended format that integrates virtual or in-person classes and online activities. It is 180 hours usually delivered over 10–18 weeks. Some courses in French are also offered in a classroom-based format.

This practical course will help you

  • understand human services workplaces in Ontario, including child-care centres and schools.
  • interact clearly and effectively with colleagues, clients, supervisors and the public.
  • network and connect with local employers, agencies and employment resources.
  • learn how to use your workplace communication training in settings such as
    • nursery schools.
    • centre and home-based daycares.
    • elementary schools.
    • high schools.

Small-group exercises based on everyday communication tasks in working with children and youth will help you

  • practise common on-the-job communication to improve your workplace language skills.
  • develop strong interviewing, networking and career-building communication skills.

Minimum eligibility requirements considered by colleges include:

  • you have training or experience in one of the following:
    • early childhood education.
    • child and youth care.
  • you have a valid language proficiency of at least level 5 in Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) for courses taught in French.  Some colleges may ask for a higher CLB level.
  • you are a permanent resident, convention refugee/protected person, Ukrainian temporary resident or their dependant in Canada (until March 31, 2025), or temporary resident affected by the crisis in Gaza (showing “MOME2023” in status documentation until March 31, 2027).
  • you live in Ontario.

Some colleges may request additional information.

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Workplace Communication Skills for Working with Children and Youth is offered at the following colleges 2024–2025:

ǂ Course delivered in French

Boréal Hamilton ǂ
905-544-9824 x 7308 / [email protected]
La Cité ǂ
613-742-2475 or 1-800-267-2483 x 2475 / [email protected]
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