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Managing Workplace Interactions

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Managing Workplace Interactions in Ontario

This practical and innovative course will help you

  • explore workplace structures and workplace cultural concepts.
  • work on teams, make and respond to requests, offer suggestions and recommendations, and negotiate and problem-solve with others.
  • participate in team meetings.
  • deal with challenging interactions.

Managing Workplace Interactions in Ontario is for you if

  • you have training or experience in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, sales and marketing, architectural technology, engineering technology or information technology.
  • your English is at an intermediate level (at least level 6 in Canadian Language Benchmarks).
  • you are familiar with computers and related technology.
  • you are a permanent resident or a protected person who lives in Ontario.

This is an online course that requires access to a computer with video and audio capabilities as well as an Internet connection.

Note that three 40-hour online modules in one sector are equivalent to a full OSLT Workplace Communication Skills for Business or Technology course.

This course is grouped with these Business online modules:

It is grouped with these Technology online modules:

Managing Workplace Interactions in Ontario is offered at the following colleges in 2019-20:

Boréal Hamilton Hamilton 905-544-9824 x 7308 /
Georgian Barrie 705-728-1968 X 5329 /
Mohawk Hamilton 905-575-1212 x 3092 /
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