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Writing Professionally

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Writing Professionally

This is an online course that requires access to a computer with video and audio capabilities as well as an Internet connection. This course can be taken from anywhere in Ontario.

This practical and innovative course will help you

  • develop a strategic approach to writing workplace communication.
  • understand purpose and audience in written workplace communication.
  • use logical structure in emails.
  • write effective emails to make requests, exchange information, make complaints and follow up.

Activities based on everyday written communication tasks in the workplace will help you

  • use self-editing strategies to identify common personal errors and make changes.
  • produce single- and multiple-paragraph professional writing for an appropriate audience and purpose.

Writing Professionally is for you if

  • you have successfully completed an OSLT course in Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Professional Managers or Technology.
  • you are familiar with computers and related technology.
  • you are a permanent resident or a protected person who lives in Ontario.

OSLT is delivered in classroom-based and exclusively online formats. See all Business courses and modules and all Technology courses and modules.

Writing Professionally is offered online by the following colleges in 2021-2022:

Algonquin Online 613-727-4723 x 5700 / cariotj@algonquincollege.com
Boreal Hamilton Online 905-544-9824 / lang.hamilton@collegeboreal.ca
Fanshawe Online 519-452-4430 X 6501 / oslt@fanshawec.ca
George Brown Online 416-415-5000 X 6980 /oslt@georgebrown.ca
Mohawk Online 905-575-1212 x 3419 / mary-anne.peters@mohawkcollege.ca
Niagara Online 905-641-2252 x 4188 / oslt@niagaracollege.ca
Seneca Online 416-491-5050 X 22586 / oslt@senecacollege.ca
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