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Upcoming Online Modules

Please check back in April 2020 for details of upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 modules/courses.

OSLT Online Modules/Course

No matter where you live in Ontario, if you are looking for an Occupation-specific Language Training course for Business, Technology or Health Care, contact one of the colleges below to find out more about online options.

In order to be eligible for any or all of the following modules or courses, you must

  • have training or experience in the occupational sector.
  • have language proficiency at an intermediate level (at least CLB 6 in English).
  • be a permanent resident of Canada or protected person who lives in Ontario.

For more information on eligibility requirements or on the OSLT module you are interested in, please see the OSLT Backgrounder on the Background Information page or contact the college directly.

Winter 2020 Modules/Courses

Sector Dates College Contacts
Accessing the Business Job Market TBD Boréal
905-544-9824 x 7308
Accessing the Technology Job Market January 6-February 14, 2020 Georgian
705-728-1968 x 5329
Writing Professionally for Business or Technology occupations will be delivered by these colleges between January and March 2020. Contact your preferred college for more information or to enroll.
** Writing Professionally is for participants who have successfully completed a full OSLT course in Business, Technology or Health (or three modules in one sector).
January 9-February 28, 2020 Boréal
905-544-9824 x 7308
January 16-March 19, 2020 George Brown
416-415-5000 x 6980
January 20-March 20, 2020 Sheridan
905-459-7533 x 8101 or 905-845-9430 x 8101
February 3-March 28, 2020 Algonquin
613-727-4723 x 5700
February 3-March 28, 2020 Centennial
416-289-5000 x 7405
February 3-March 27, 2020 Georgian
705-728-1968 x 5329
February 6-March 26, 2020 Seneca
416-491-5050 x 22586
Writing for Health Care occupations will be delivered by this college.
Writing Professionally January 16-March 5, 2020 George Brown
416-415-5000 x 6980
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