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Background Information

Read more about OSLT here:

Leveraging Emerging Technologies in Online Language Learning for Newcomers
An Overview of the OSLT/FLAP Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) Project – Summary Report.
Online Guiding Design Principles
Ten design principles to guide the development of online language learning.
OSLT Overview
A short summary of OSLT and location of courses.
English | French
OSLT Backgrounder
An in-depth description of OSLT and each course.
English | French
OSLT Brochure
The brochure provides a high-level overview of OSLT.
English | French
Online OSLT Course Brochure
Find out if Online OSLT Courses are for you.
OSLT Final Report
The final report “Building Capacity: Occupation-specific Language Training at Ontario Colleges” summarizes the outcomes and lessons learned from developing and piloting the delivery of occupation-specific language training curriculum at Ontario colleges between 2008 – 2011.

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